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Timisoara is the capital city of Timis County, in western Romania. One of the largest Romanian cities, with a population of 300,000 inhabitants (the third most populous city in the country), and considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, Timisoara is the main social, economic and cultural center in the western part of Romania.

Timisoara lies at an altitude of 95 m on the southeast edge of the Banat plain, part of the Pannonian Plain. The rich black soil and relatively low water table make this a fertile agricultural region.

Timisoara was first mentioned as a place in either 1212 or 1266. The territory later to be known as Banat was conquered and annexed by the Kingdom of Hungary in 1030. Timisoara became the first European city to have electric street lights in 1884, while the trams became electric in 1899. Timisoara was also the first city in the Kingdom of Hungary and later Romania to have an ambulance station. After the World War II, the People's Republic of Romania was proclaimed, and Timisoara underwent Sovietization and later, systematization. The city's population tripled between 1948 and 1992. In December 1989, Timisoara witnessed a series of mass street protests in what was to become the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Timisoara has been an important economic center since the 18th century when the Habsburg administration was installed. It was the first city in the country with international routes economic boom as the amount of foreign investment, especially in high-tech sectors, has risen. Apart from domestic local investment, there has been significant foreign investment from the European Union, particularly from Germany and Italy.

The city center largely consists of buildings from the Austrian Empire era. The old city consists of several historic areas. These are: Cetate, Iosefin, Elisabetin, Fabric. Numerous bars, clubs and restaurants have opened in the old Baroque square (Unirii Square).

Timisoara has four public universities and four private universities